Masters in Aerospace Engineering

Students in the M.S. degree program in Aerospace Engineering can choose between two areas of specialization, namely Aerodynamics/Astronautics and Structural Mechanics.

Students concentrate thier course work in the chosen specialization, and work on related research. To ensure that students can work in multi-disciplinary aerospace environments, the program also requires the students to take courses outside their specialization. The curriculum has been carefully designed to provide students with a sound background in analysis and design aspects of aerospace engineering.

Students can choose a thesis project from a variety of cutting-edge research projects that faculty members are involved in. Students are provided with ample opportunity to develop practical skills through participation in course projects, thesis research, funded industrial projects, and numerous internship opportunities at local aerospace companies, including Northrup Grumann, General Atomics and Goodrich Aerostructures. The SDSU aerospace engineering department is also involved in various national level design-build-test competitions, and technical paper contests.

The details of tuition costs and registration fee can be found on the university website at SDSU aerospace engineering graduate students may receive support as research assistants, graduate assistants or instructional teaching assistants. Research assistant (RA) positions are offered directly by individual professors to outstanding students, and are funded by from their extramural research grants. This requires that you have the skills that the research project requires. Typically, professors give first preference to students who have taken courses with them previously after they had a chance to observe the students in their courses and understand the student’s skill set and motivation. However, prior research experience can be useful in being considered earlier.

The department has a small number of graduate assistant (GA) positions & Instructional Teaching Assistant (TA) positions in the department. Graduate students receiving GA or TA positions from the department typically assist professors with theory and laboratory courses and perform duties of lab supervision, teaching, grading, and tutoring.
Students may contact professors for RA or department graduate adviser for GA/TA positions after they have been offered admission into the program.

Outstanding international students are offered a non-resident tuition waiver that eliminates paying out-of-state tuition and thereby reduces their fee burden. To increase your chances for funding please apply early.