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San Diego State University Department of Aerospace Engineering, E-308
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Directions to SDSU

(new route due to construction detour): Interstate-8 to the College Avenue exit. The College exit is just east of the intersection of I-15. Travel south off the exit (if you are traveling on I-8 East from west of the University you will turn right onto College Ave.; if you are traveling on I-8 West from east of the University, you will turn left onto College Ave).

Travel south on College Ave. through one light, turn right on Canyon Crest drive at the second light. You will then pass the Chemical Sciences Laboratory building. The route is shown as the red dashed line on the printable map, below.

Directions to our building once on campus: Once on Canyon Crest Drive, you are on campus. Go straight, then curve to your left and go up a steep hill. At the top of the hill, at the T (not shown as a T in on the map, but it is), follow the arrow on the sign that says “Deliveries” and turn left onto Aztec Circle Drive. At the next stop sign, bear to the left to stay on Aztec Circle Drive. Go straight through the next stop sign, and then curve to the right. As you curve to the right, you will see covered parking on your right which is behind and beneath the Engineering Building.

You will see a row of covered parikng spaces marked as SP-103 spaces. Please do not park in a handicapped space. You can enter the building at the entrance visible at the far end of the parking area. There is an elevator at that entrance.

If you don’t have it in advance, please get a parking pass in the Dean’s Office (2nd floor, room 203), or from your University contact. Be sure to display your parking pass on your inside dashboard.