Student Advising

Student advising is a crucial component of academic success. Students benefit from advice on course selection and sequencing, receive mentoring from advisors, and are able to identify academic issues early on and find resources to help them succeed.

Each student has a faculty advisor assigned to them, Advising Assignment. Please take the opportunity to meet with your faculty advisor early and as often as needed. Please contact the Aerospace Engineering Department if you have any questions regarding the advising procedures. We want you to succeed in the Aerospace Engineering Program.

Master Plan and Advising Record is used to facilitate advising. Please fill out the Master Plan with the courses you have taken and the courses you plan to take in the upcoming semester prior to seeing your advisor. Department Curriculum guide is a resource to help you plan your schedule.

Faculty advisors provide for student advising. In order to facilitate advising at key points during a student’s academic career, there are mechanisms in place to require students seek the guidance of their faculty advisors.

Office Hours

Advising Tips

  • Information on advising and the master plan is distributed in AE 123.
  • AE 123 Instructor requires student to meet with faculty advisor for additional credit in the course.
  • Students provide a signed copy of the Master Plan to the department office.
Student Success Center
Peer advising is available for engineering students in ENG-221B. They are a great resource when it comes to planning your class schedule and checking to see if you are on track. They have office hours all week. You can check their availability and more information here: