Degree Learning Outcomes

Degree Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

San Diego State University

(January 30, 2020)

The graduates from the Master of Science program in Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) will:

  1. Be prepared for advanced technical positions in the aerospace industry that require advanced knowledge and skills in an aerospace subtopic such as aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, or controls, guidance and navigation 
  2. Be able to apply their knowledge to problem solving and providing creative design solutions to aerospace industry problems 
  3. Have the preparation to continue graduate study at the doctoral level, or to thrive in a research and development environment in a private, public, or government institution.
  4. Have the skills to clearly communicate technical work in oral and written formats and be able to work in interdisciplinary teams
  5. Be aware of the need for and pursue lifelong education to keep their technical knowledge current and relevant
  6. Be aware of the professional expectations and the societal responsibilities that dictate their ethical conduct in engineering decisions