Dr. Qi Wang

Dr. Qi Wang

Assistant Professor
Academic Affairs
College of Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering



Primary Email: [email protected]


Primary Phone: 619-594-3847


Professional Studies and Fine Arts - 435
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182


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Dr. Qi Wang's research exploits state-of-the-art mathematical and computational methods to address important challenges in turbulence. High-performance simulation techniques are developed and adopted to predict and optimize complex aerodynamic flows, and to optimally place sensors and optimize the interpretation of their measurements. 

Dr. Wang's past research helped to answer this question by exploiting the discrete adjoint operator in different scenarios: passive scalar source reconstruction and localization from noisy sensor measurement, initial flow state reconstruction from wall friction measurements, sensitivity analysis for transitional compressible boundary layer, and data augmentation in stratified flows.


  • Postdoc in Mechanical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University, 2020-present
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University, 2020
  • MSE in Mechanical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University, 2016
  • BS in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics with Minor in Mathematics - Beijing University, 2014


  • Data assimilation in turbulent environments
  • Adjoint-based optimization
  • Measurement-enhanced simulations
  • Drag reduction and optimal sensor placement
  • Pollution source localization in stratified or non-stratified turbulence

Awards & Honors

  • JHU Mech Eng Graduate Research Fellowship Johns Hopkins University
    AUG. 2014 – AUG. 2015
  • CUHK Research Internship Scholarship Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Financial Stipend awarded JUN. 2013 – AUG. 2013
  • President Peking University, China
    Peking University Piano Association SEPT. 2012 – SEPT. 2013
    Third prize Peking University, China
  • China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling MAY. 2011
    Silver Medal Chong Qin, China
    The 25th China Mathematics Olympiad APRIL. 2010
  • Bronze Medal Hai Nan, China
    The 24th China Mathematics Olympiad APRIL. 2009
  • Gold Medal Washington, Seattle, USA
    Seattle International Piano Competition OCT. 2019


  • Data assimilation and state estimation in turbulent flows; Adviser: Tamer Zaki; Fundamental limitations in initial-state estimation in wall turbulence, 2018-2020.
  • Qi Wang, Mengze Wang, and Tamer A. Zaki. "From wall observations to turbulence: The difficulty of flow reconstruction." arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.09169 (2021).
  • Qi Wang, Yosuke Hasegawa, and Tamer A. Zaki. "Spatial reconstruction of steady scalar sources from remote measurements in turbulent flow." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 870(2019): 316-352.
  • Vincent Mons, Qi Wang, and Tamer A. Zaki. "Kriging-enhanced ensemble variational data assimilation for scalar-source identification in turbulent environments." Journal of Computational Physics 398 (2019): 108856.
  • Mengze Wang, Qi Wang, and Tamer A. Zaki. "Discrete adjoint of fractional-step incompressible Navier-Stokes solver in curvilinear coordinates and application to data assimilation." Journal of Computational Physics 396 (2019): 427-450.
  • Qi Wang, Vincent Mons, and Tamer A. Zaki. "Optimal sensor placement for spatial reconstruction of scalar sources in a turbulent channel flow." under review.
  • Qi Wang, Mengze Wang, and Tamer A. Zaki. "From wall observations to turbulence:The difficulty of flow reconstruction." Under review.
  • Qi Wang, and Tamer A. Zaki. "An eigen-ensemble-variational algorithm for characterization of scalar sources in turbulent environment." Under review.