Dr. Joseph Katz

Dr. Joseph Katz

Academic Affairs
College of Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering



Primary Email: [email protected]


Primary Phone: 619-594-2399


Engineering - 214
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182



Professor Katz has a wide variety of research interests in the following areas: internal combustion engines: cooling, carburation; powerplant optimization; passenger car safety; two phase flow cooling; heat transfer and heat exchangers; wind tunnel measurements, including laser doppler anemometry in two phase flows; non-conventional naval propulsion e.g.: undulating propellers, swimming fins; non-steady aero and hydrodynamics; potential flow and general fluid dynamics; general aviation piston engine cooling and drag reduction; post-stall-spin aerodynamics; automotive aerodynamics and dynamics; lifting body airplane; transonic wings; and stall resistant configurations.

Professor Katz teaches in both the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Departments in the following fields: thermodynamics, jet and rocket propulsion, viscous flow and heat transfer, aero and fluid dynamics (including numerical methods), aircraft stability and control, dynamics, mechanical vibrations, numerical analysis, and automotive dynamics.


  • Ph.D., DSc, Technion University, Israel


  • Internal combustion engines: cooling, carburetion, power plant optimization.
  • Passenger car safety.
  • Two phase flow cooling. Heat transfer and heat exchangers.
  • Wind tunnel measurements, including laser Doppler anemometry in two phase flows.
  • Non conventional naval propulsion e.g.: undulating propellers, swimming fins.
  • Non steady aero and hydrodynamics, potential flow and general fluid dynamics.
  • UAV/General aviation piston engine cooling and drag reduction post-stall-spin aerodynamics.
  • Automotive and race car aerodynamics, and dynamics.
  • Lifting body airplanes, transonic wings, and stall resistant configurations.
  • Unmanned airplane design (mostly configuration development)

Awards & Honors

  • 1988 SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award
  • 1988 SDSU Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award
  • SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award.
  • 1996 SDSU Alumni Association Board’s Outstanding Faculty Award.
  • 1997 NASA Space Act Award, for creative development (of the code PMARC).
  • 1998 SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award.
  • 2002 SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award
  • 2003 SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award
  • 2003 NASA Creative Development: Software Release Award
  • 2004 SDSU Outstanding Faculty Award
  • 2007 AIAA San Diego Outstanding Contribution to Aerospace Education
  • 2015 SDSU, College of Engineering, AE Favorite Professor


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