Mission and Education Objective Statement

Mission Statement

  1. Provide education and training in aerospace engineering principles and state-of-the-art practice that emphasizes problem solving, multidisciplinary teamwork and ethical engineering practice.
  2. Advance aerospace technologies through active research programs that lead to sustainable and efficient aerospace transport systems.
  3. Collaborate with aerospace industry, U.S. national labs and professional aerospace societies to address current and emerging challenges.


  1. The Aerospace Engineering Program at San Diego State University aspires to be among the best programs nationwide with an innovative curriculum and high quality research program that inspires and educates our students to become the next generation of leaders in aerospace engineering.
  2. We aspire to maintain an active research program in aerodynamics, propulsion and structures that contributes to design of future innovative and sustainable aerospace systems.

Program Education Objectives

  1. Be successfully employed in government laboratories, industry, organizations, or small businesses and contribute to the advancement of aerospace engineering and related fields;
  2. Continue to advance in their careers on the merits of their skills in communication and teamwork, ethical behavior, leadership abilities, and technical problem solving;
  3. Continue their professional development by pursuing graduate degrees or utilizing educational and career building opportunities provided through their employer or professional societies.