Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Aerospace Engineering (AE) Department web site. We hope that you will find it useful and that it will encourage you to consider joining us at SDSU to study the exciting field of aerospace engineering.

We are proud of our faculty and staff who are dedicated to offering quality education designed to prepare students to challenges they would face in their professional and academic career. This goal is achieved by incorporating the following features in the program:

Strong emphasis on quality of undergraduate education
Strong Faculty-Student contact through advising and mentoring at the undergraduate and graduate levels
Special opportunities to work on projects sponsored by industry and competitions sponsored by national engineering organizations.
Cooperative education and internship programs which allow students to work in industry while attending school
Opportunities to work on funded research projects with Faculty

Recent SDSU Aerospace Engineering graduates have been successful in gaining employment in various sectors of the economy. The following list of companies is indicative of the success of our graduates in finding jobs with prestigious corporations and institutions. Following is a partial list of the employers of the SDSU AE graduates:
Northrop Grumman Corp.
General Atomic Corp.
UTC Aerospace Systems
North Island Naval Air Station (NAVAIR)
Jet Propulsion Labs. (NASA-JPL)
NASA Marshal Space Flight Center


For more detailed information about the laboratories, research activities, and expertise of our faculty, please explore their individual web pages. Please feel free to e-mail me any comments you may have about our website.

Ping Lu,
Professor & Chair
[email protected]
(619) 594-2278