JDP Student Paulina Diaz Montiel - Structural Engineering Best Poster at UCSD Research Expo

Paulina Diaz Montiel 

The Jacobs School held its annual Research Expo at UCSD on Thursday, April, 18, 2019.

At Research Expo 2019, graduate students from all six of UCSD's engineering departments presented their research results at the poster session. Faculty members from new agile research centers at the Jacobs School gave exciting TED-style talks. Attendees had many opportunities to make connections with Jacobs School faculty, graduate students, alumni and other industry attendees at the reception and throughout the half-day event.

Paulina Diaz Montiel, JDP student, received Structural Engineering Best Poster for NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE EVOLUTION OF FIBER KINKING DAMAGE IN COMPOSITES UNDER CYCLIC LOADS. View her abstract here.

Paulina Receives Award Poster