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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

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Job Opportunities

Faculty Positions
The Department of Aerospace Engineering invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level. A preference will be given to applications in the general areas of flight mechanics and control and/or aerodynamics. Applicants with a strong background in other areas of aerospace engineering are also encouraged to apply. The faculty member will be expected to develop a vigorous, externally funded research program in his/her area of expertise, while teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Aerospace Engineering. Applicants must have an earned PhD in Aerospace Engineering or a closely related field. Recent graduates as well as those with industrial or university experience are welcome to apply.
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Graduate Assistant Positions
The Graduate Assistant (GA) provides graduate students with part-time employment and practical experience in fields related to their advanced study. They provide professional non-teaching assistance to faculty members. GA work may involve supervising students in a classroom, workshop, or laboratory (where final responsibility for the class and its entire instruction, including the performance of the GA, is vested in a member of the faculty); training students in the use of equipment or other resources; assisting faculty with research and preparation of course materials; participating in the evaluation of students' work; tutoring students; and other related work.
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Instructional Student Assistant Positions
The Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) is hired by the department for a position different from a TA/GA in that a student may work outside their degree pursuits and may be hired for a limited number of hours in any particular semester. ISAs generally perform such tasks as grading and procuring exams, general classroom assistance, administrative assistance to the professor including entering grades, record keeping, and office hours, and serving as lab assistants. The only criterion for this position is a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
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Teaching Associates Positions
The Teaching Associate (TA) classification provides currently enrolled or newly admitted CSU graduate students with part-time employment offering practical teaching experience in fields related to their advanced study. They teach university courses and may also assist faculty or teaching staff with various professional and technical activities. Work assignments are closely associated with their program of study or academic department in which they are enrolled.
The TA classification is distinguished from the Graduate Assistant classification by assignments that primarily involve classroom and laboratory instruction. Responsibility for a course may be vested in the TA under the direct supervision of an appropriate faculty member.
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TA/GA Handbook 13-14
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