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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

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Department News 

  • ♦    Congratulations to the AE Class of 2017!

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  • ♦  We are pleased to announce the 2016 Galactic Unite Borden Scholarship recipients have been determined. This year’s scholars are:

    Christian Engelbrecht

    Thomas “Ryan” Callahan

    Adrian Juarez

    Jennifer Martin

    Anthony Talavera

    Along with the $3000 award, the scholars will have access to one-on-one mentoring in the Galactic Unite educational partnership with Virgin Galactic. Congratulations to this year’s Galactic Unite Scholars and thanks to all that applied!

  • ♦  Professor Ping Lu was a member of the team that was given the Innovation Group Achievement Award by the Director of NASA Johnson Space Center in September 2016, “for exceptional work in pioneering the development of a fully numerical predictor-corrector entry guidance algorithm for the atmospheric entry of space vehicles”. The team in the last 3 years worked together in a project with Lu as the Principal Investigator (PI), centered on an advanced entry guidance algorithm developed by Lu. Follow-on work is currently under way with Lu as PI.
  • • Lauren O. Parrett, Master's Student. - Provost's Award for Best Poster in Engineering Title: Predicting Degradation and Failure of Composites under Fatigue Loads Using a Micromechanics Model

  • • Paulina Diaz Montiel, Doctoral Student - Women in Engineering Award (Oral Presentation) Title: Inverse Identification of Damage in Composite Laminates using Electrical Resistance

  • ♦  Professor Venkataraman was the Principal Investigator of a grant at the amount of $199,800 from the Office of Naval Research on “Engineering Uncertainty Quantification of Test Derived Model Parameters for Life Prediction of Composite Bolted Joints in an ICME Framework”.
  • ♦  Professor Gustaaf Jacobs received a 3-year grant totaling $1,000,000 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research on “Simulation of Particle Laden Blast Waves with Inter-Scale Coupling and Uncertainty Quantification” (2015-2018)

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